Sell-Side Services

For those selling businesses

Our process

Sell-Side M&A

We will assist our clients through every stage of the sale process, from initial readiness preparation and finding a buyer all the way through to completion.

Exit Strategy Planning

Due in main to time constraints, the majority of business owners will not have considered or developed in detail, the strategy and rationale behind the decision to sell. We will work in conjunction with the owners to ensure that all bases are covered, and the strategy employed has been very carefully considered.

Business Sale Preparation

We will manage and assist with a detailed process of restructuring, reorganisation and updated presentation of the business across all fronts including financial and accounting data and absolute readiness for due diligence.

Valuation Advice

We will carefully analyse the business over a period and using both qualitative and quantitative measures, present a valuation range which we discuss with the owners. This valuation range has to align with the owner’s expectations before we commence the process.

Asset Divestment

We will assist the owners in very much the same way as though we were presenting the company for sale as a going concern. Asset divestment is more often than not preferred where the objective is to raise funds without losing control of the business and sometimes preferential for tax purposes.

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Buy-Side Services

For those buying businesses

There Aren’t Many Businesses on the Market for Sale – FACT.

And there are lots of acquirers out there waiting to transact and so all things considered, the data leads us to believe that to find an attractive acquisition on the open market is unlikely.

This is where Fx Dynamics come in – we can search for businesses ‘Off-Market’ for you.

Most Owners Would Sell, IF Asked – FACT.

In our experience, the majority of SME businesses could be for sale if the proposition is right. We ask the awkward questions, so you don’t have to.

Our Service, Value for Money – FACT.

It takes time for us to find a number of suitable acquisitions so we prefer to structure our fees using a monthly retainer, usually for a 12 month period but can be shorter or longer depending on your circumstances. When comparing our fee with a successful acquisition, you will see just what good value we represent.

Contact Us Now and We Will Find You Acquisitions – FACT.

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