By offering remuneration for referrals and recommendations, Fx Dynamics rewards individuals that introduce successful engagements.

Fx Dynamics is a specialist sell-side advisory service in mergers and acquisitions within the SME manufacturing and industrial sectors. New clients are predominantly sought from referrals and recommendations.

The referral model is simple. It pays the company or individual a commission for introducing Fx Dynamics to a client that engages their services. This commission is a factor of agreed fees and the enterprise value of the engaged business.

The History of Fx Dynamics

The owners of Fx Dynamics have themselves built and sold engineering businesses using well known corporate finance services. It was this process that convinced them that the business sale process could be simplified, better organised and less protracted – hence the creation of Fx Dynamics.

After approaches by several business owners for advice on how to sell their businesses, Fx Dynamics staff were happy to share their experiences; what the expectations were, the level of commitment needed to prepare the business for sale and how the process worked in reality.

M&A Simplified

By simplifying the process into phases and steps, the Fx Dynamics model takes the uncertainty out of the sale process, following the logical steps and parameters derived from the experience of actually having sold manufacturing businesses.

Reputation is key to Fx Dynamics, so they only take on businesses that they are certain they can sell. The fee structure is very simple and transparent. They do not charge retainers or prolong the process for the sake of additional revenue.

Remuneration for Referrals

The referral process is equally simple; if a recommendation is made to a client that goes on to engage Fx Dynamics, the business or person is rewarded with a 5% commission of Fx Dynamics’ fee, payable on completion of the deal. These referral commissions could range from £5,000 to £20,000 plus for successful engagements.

Whilst Fx Dynamics are happy to provide consultancy to any size of business on the sale process, their focus is where they have direct experience – SMEs in the range of £2m – £20m turnover, usually with a manufacturing or industrial bias.

Further Details

If you would like to discuss selling a business, exit strategy or make a referral, please call Fx Dynamics on 01789 860000, make contact through our website or e-mail