There are many business brokers and M&A advisors across the UK. Many advertise that they can help sell your business and promise you wealth and a change of lifestyle. What’s not appreciated is that some of these organisations sell less than 20% of the businesses they take on.

Selling your business is a procedure, like anything else. This procedure shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery and warrant the charging of monthly retainers.

FX Dynamics was created by Stratford based entrepreneurs who have built and sold manufacturing businesses themselves. They have the direct experience of being the sellers, therefore offering the realities, not just the theories, involved in a business sale transaction.

Specialising in technical SME sales of £1m-£20m turnover, FX Dynamics charge a totally transparent fee structure with an initial payment that covers all the preparatory work, then nothing at all until success. This is because, at the very first free consultation, the objective is to assess the owners’ requirements, the condition and readiness of the business for sale, discuss the procedures and ensure that FX Dynamics are the right people to sell it.

The team specialise in understanding the business from a technical perspective as well as the traditional financial criteria that is accepted universally, deriving value from experience and specialities that would appeal to both trade and financial acquirers.

FX Dynamics operates on a referral basis. A 5% introduction fee is paid to anyone who introduces a business owner whose business is sold.

For further information, contact Clive or Rob on 01789 860000 or using our contact form for a completely cost-free discussion to establish if you and your business are ready for sale.